About Us

This company purchased the production line for hot dip galvanization of small parts, bolts and nuts from Germany in 1990. The first specialized hot dip galvanization manufacturing unit of bolts and nuts was operating in 1992 through installing, commissioning, and transferring the technology of the abovementioned production line.

History and Scope of Operations

In 1994, in line with the plans and objectives of the government for supplying power to about 7000 villages throughout the country, this company played a significant role in providing the required power transmission accessories through establishing a full manufacturing unit equipped with the machinery used for part manufacturing, pressing and die casting in order to manufacture hardware and accessories for 20-Kv. And low voltage-power transmission lines with a variety of more than 50 types of parts.

This company has commenced the study, calculation, and manufacturing telecommunications towers in 1994 with consideration to the domestic products and the ones manufactured by the leading foreign companies. Finally, in the year 2000, our company manufactured different kinds of telecommunications towers (self – support, monopole, and guyed mast). Since then until now, this company has been engaged in implementing different projects for telecommunications companies in more than 16 provinces of the country in the field of manufacturing various kinds of required telecommunications towers.

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